Project 5: Reflection Essay



The Reflective Essay is a 1000-1250 word (4-5 pages) essay in which you make a case for how well you have achieved the goals of the course. To do so, you must look back over the work you produced during the semester in order to find, cite, and discuss evidence of achievement in each of the four learning outcome categories (reading, writing, research, and reflection. It is critical that your Reflective Essay includes concrete examples and discussion of what you have been able to do as a result of your work in the course.


While your discussion of achievements with respect to ENG 1020 learning outcomes is perhaps the most important goal in the Reflective Essay, the written expression of these achievements can be strengthened when it is integrated into a broader narrative that describes where you are coming from and who you are as a student. In this narrative, you may discuss, for example, how you learned and used various reading strategies in the course, or you may describe, for example, how your ability to perform effective research increased.


In sum, the Reflective Essay should make claims about your success with respect to ENG 1020 learning outcomes and support these claims with compelling evidence of achievement in order to demonstrate what you have learned and what you can do as a result of your work in the course. In this way, a successful Reflective Essay will inspire confidence that you are prepared to move forward into your next composition courses and into the larger academic discourse community.

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Assignment Prompt:

In this assignment, you will evaluate your growth as an English 1020 student, using your choice of experiences and work on the projects to support your claims. In an essay of 4-5 pages, make an argument that analyzes your work in ENG 1020 in relationship to the course learning outcomes listed on the syllabus for the course. Explain what you have achieved for the learning outcomes by citing specific passages from your essays and other assigned writings for the course, and by explaining how those passages demonstrate the outcomes. Also, consider describing the process you used to complete this work and any background information about yourself, as listed above, that might help us better understand the work you did this semester in working toward the course learning outcomes.


You will want to choose the learning outcomes and knowledge that have developed most strongly and importantly for you. If you think there is little evidence of your growth in a particular learning outcome, no problem: just articulate why in your final essay. You should address all of the learning outcomes, but you may choose which ones you focus on. Your main claim (or thesis statement) should identify specific characteristics that you believe your experiences and work in English 1020 (which you’ll use your body paragraphs to talk about) represent.  The body paragraphs of your essay should develop your main claim with evidence from your major works and experiences in this course. As you choose evidence and sub-claims to make about your major assignments, you will develop your paragraphs by drawing upon the process of completing the assignment to support the claim.

In a nutshell, this assignment asks you to take a critical look at your work from this semester, and talk about it in terms your knowledge of yourself as a learner and thinker.