Project 3 Learning Outcomes


Learning Outcomes


●      Use key course concepts (genre and rhetoric) to write effectively

○      You’ll practice demonstrating an understanding of the features of academic research writing and demonstrating appropriate use of rhetorical strategies for academic research writing

●      Use a flexible writing process that includes brainstorming/inventing ideas, planning, drafting, giving and receiving feedback, revising, editing, and publishing.

○      You’ll practice working through brainstorming, drafting, response, reflection, and revision activities in class and for homework to develop ideas and refine your writing


●      Use reading strategies in order to identify, analyze, evaluate, and respond to arguments, rhetorical elements and genre conventions in college-level texts and other media.

○      You’ll practice reading, analyzing, evaluating, and responding to sources, thinking about how they provide information and perspectives integral to a discussion of the topic.


●      Conduct research by finding and evaluating print, electronic, and other sources;

○      You’ll practice using the library databases to identify relevant and sufficient resources for the project.

●      Generate information and ideas from research;

○      You’ll practice articulating the conversation (be able to present a brief review of the literature), formulating a response to the conversation, articulating stance or argument

○      You’ll practice summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting relevant information from sources.

●      Appropriately integrate material from sources.

○      You’ll practice using MLA format to integrate in-text citations and a works cited page.

○      You’ll practice using academic writing conventions for introducing sources material and linking back to writer’s argument


●      Use written reflection to plan, monitor, and evaluate one’s own learning and writing.

○      You’ll practice using reflection to articulate prior knowledge and knowledge gaps in order to form research questions.

○      You’ll practice using post-project reflection to evaluate your research and writing process.