Tuesday, 1 December


Today’s class will feature the following:

    1. Preview of the last two weeks of class
          1. Some time will be provided in class to work on your infographic this Thursday and next Tuesday.
          2. Projects four and five will be due no later than 11:59 p.m. Monday, 14 December.
          3. Thursday, 10 December (our last class together), is going to be AWESOME!

      (And, yes, of course, there will be donut holes on the last day of class! We are not barbarians, after all.)

    2. Project 4: Re-mixing Research (the infographic) introduction
    3. Infographic Activity
    4. SET’s

The Infographic

Project 4: Re-Mixing Research (the infographic)

  1. The Assignment
  2. The Rubric
  3. The Stuff
  4. The Samples

Group Activity

  1. Read “The Do’s and Don’ts of Infographic Design
  2. Read “The Do’s and Don’ts of Infographic Design: Revisited
  3. In your groups, make a list of your top five “takeaways” from the reading. In other words, if you were to write a summary of the articles, what would the top five concepts be that you would address?
  4. Your list should identify the main concept in a word or two.
  5. Have a member of your group write your list on the board.

Assignment for Thursday:

  1. Create your FREE Piktochart account here.
  2. Read the “Layout Cheat Sheet: Making the Best Out of Visual Arrangement“.
  3. As soon as you feel comfortable, you may begin “wireframing” and designing your infographic.

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