Thursday, 19 November


Today’s Menu:

    1. MLA Formatting: “Works Cited” & In-text Citations
    2. The “Argument Essay Reflection Letter”
    3. Conversation Templates

MLA Formatting

  1. “Works Cited” should be centered on the last page of your paper
  2. Alphabetical
  3. “Hanging Indent”
  4. Basic MLA Formatting can be found on our “Resources” page.

Here is a sample MLA paper.

Here is a sample works cited page.

The Argument Essay Reflection Letter

You will submit a 300-500 word Reflection Letter written to the audience of your choice and addressing the following questions:

○      what was positive and negative about the process of composing Project 3?

○      what Course Learning Outcome did you grow in the most?

○      what is the area of Project 3 that you feel proudest of? Why?

Conversation Templates

Recall that one of your learning outcomes for Project 3 is the following:

Generate information and ideas from research;

○      You’ll practice articulating the conversation (be able to present a brief review of the literature), formulating a response to the conversation, articulating stance or argument

○      You’ll practice summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting relevant information from sources.

You will find the conversation templates here.


  1. Work on Project 3: Research Argument Essay!
  2. Recall that Project 3 is due on Monday, 30 November 2015.

REMINDER: Student Conferences Next Week!

There is NO CLASS on Tuesday, 24 November 2015!


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