Thursday, 12 November


Our goals for today’s class:

    1. Converting your I-Search question into an arguable thesis.
    2. Identifying logical fallacies.
    3. Understanding basic MLA “Works Cited” formatting.

Argument Claim (i.e. Thesis, pp. 128-130):

  1. Is it arguable?
  2. Is it specific?
  3. Is it manageable?
  4. Is it interesting?

Here are some examples.

Check out the Purdue OWL examples.

Logical Fallacies:

  1. Go to this site.
  2. In groups, select one logical fallacy.
  3. Write your logical fallacy on the board and index card.
  4. Learn about your selected logical fallacy.
  5. Be prepared to provide an example of your selected logical fallacy. (5 points)

MLA “Works Cited”:

MLA Review:

Your paper must also contain an accurately MLA formatted “Works Cited” page.

Here are some helpful links for MLA Formatting:

Purdue Owl MLA Style Guide

The Writer’s Handbook: MLA Documentation Guide

Library of Congress MLA Guide

MLA Examples List


  1. Email me your claim (i.e. your thesis statement). (5 Points)
  2. It should be one of the “types” of arguments (definition, evaluation, causal, rebuttal, or proposal). Please be sure to identify which argument type you will using.
  3. Emails are due by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, 15 November.
  4. Write your Introduction and post it to your blog site by Tuesday’s class. (5 Points)

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