Tuesday, 10 November


Today’s Agenda:

    1. Reading Questions
    2. Research Argument Genre Features Analysis

Reading Questions:

  1. What is the primary purpose of the academic argument essay (what does it seek to do)?
  2. What is the difference between Classical and Rogerian argument?
  3. What are the rhetorical appeals?
  4. What is the six-part argument structure according to our textbook?

Bonus Question:

  1. According to the assignment prompt, what is one way to complete the following sentence: In order to successfully complete this essay assignment, you will need to:

Research Argument Genre Features Analysis:

  1. Team up with at least one other person that has selected the same journal.
  2. Go to that site and read a two to three titles and their introductions.
  3. What are the genre features of the titles/introductions?
  4. If time, continue reading the first few body paragraphs?
  5. Do you notice an other common features?
  6. Which type of argumentation do the papers seem to be? (Classical or Rogerian?)


  1. Since you should have all of your sources, create your “Works Cited” page.
  2. Have access to ALL of your sources on for Thursday’s class.
  3. Look over this website concerning logical fallacies.
  4. Feel free to begin writing. You could begin to work on your introduction.
  5. We will be discussing claims on Thursday!

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