Tuesday, 27 October


Here is what we will be covering in class today!

Thank you Email:

Send thank you email to Ms Judith Arnold: judith.arnold@wayne.edu

Refer to her as Ms Judith (Dear Ms Judith,).

Recall that this is the genre of the letter, so it is imperative to observe the proper email netiquette as is described in our syllabus.

Use my name in your thank you email to help her identify our session.

In addition to thanking her, I would like you to each tell her at least one thing that you learned in class last Thursday.

End with a proper valediction (closing): (Sincerely, Best, Regards, etc.)

CC me on your email: fx1941@wayne.edu.

Completing Your I-Search Paper

Part 3: The conclusion (What I Learned)

The conclusion of the paper is different than the traditional conclusion you may be used to in academic writing. While you may be able to summarize what you’ve learned, it’s also just as likely that you will be left with more questions, or will have gone down an unsatisfying research path. This is also worth writing about, as you are nevertheless learning about the research process, and can always carry your inquiry forth in a future project.

Your conclusion should include three things:

  • An explanation/summary of what you learned through research about possible answers to your research question.
  • An explanation/summary of what you learned about research and/or writing through examining this question and using the research methods you used.
  • A claim about your conclusions in a nutshell; that is, state what you learned through this project (your research process, writing process and topic) in one sentence (“After finishing this project, I hypothesize/claim/understand/argue that….”)

Rubric Review:

Us the Project 2: I-Search Rubric as a guide to help make sure that you don’t forget anything.

MLA Review:

Your paper must also contain an accurately MLA formatted “Works Cited” page.

Here are some helpful links for MLA Formatting:

Purdue Owl MLA Style Guide

The Writer’s Handbook: MLA Documentation Guide

Library of Congress MLA Guide

MLA Examples List

In-Class Activity:

Work on your Conclusion and Works Cited Page for your I-Search Paper.


Recall that Project 2: I-Search is due this Sunday, 1 November 2015, by 11:59 p.m. and must be submitted to Blackboard by that time.

Also, please recall that there will be no revision opportunities on any of the remaining papers, including the I-Search.


Post your I-Search paper to your blog before class Thursday.


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